Friday, July 17, 2009

music. what happened ?

so i think this is why my friend aish told me i need to start a blog. so this was my last facebook status:

"ugh omg music has NO longevity anymore. its time to start figurin out how to get REAL music back into our generation. new artists need to familiarize themselves with the high artistic standards that made hip hop the best genre of music in the world. and every generation is accountable for what they support ... and us ? oh we are as guilty as the rappers themselves for the WACKNESS we are stuck with today. =/"

there was actually alot more i wanted to say, but facebook cut me off rice after the "ehh face" lol. basically they don't wanna know yur life story ... even though some people manage to fit their life story in the status box which gets on my effing nerves ... but that's a whole nother post. lol

but anywaysss. last week i couldn't seem to get off the TLC tip, this week i can't take SWV off repeat. right now, i'm going to tear this house up tryin to find journey of a gemini ... donnell jones is the love of my lifee :D and my day is siced because i found miseducation in the basement today but was mad because the CD wasn't in the case ... lmao. gotta love lauryn hill. but seriously though ... all of these artists have something in common. they've been out for a relatively long time ... and that's just it.

oh how i WISH i could listen to the radio and enjoy what's playing ...

that isn't the case, and hasn't been for a good seven years now. music no longer has standard. no i take that back. someone made a good point to me today. and this is what they said:

"Yeah there is mad wack shit playing on the radio, but 15 years ago there was Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and Mark Walberg. These people are jokes in the history of hip hop. EPMD, Tribe, De La, PRT, LTNS, Black Sheep, Gangstarr, Nas, Big L, Ultramagnetic, KMD, BDP/KRS-One.....I can go on for days. Those are some of our celebrated artists. And through the wonder of the internet and backpackers everywhere, we praise those people at a higher level now than we did 15-20 years ago. It's a cycle. Wale 15 years from now will probably be name dropped in some of the holiest hip hop circles unless hell freezes over and he drops the ball."

he made an extremely valid point, the only thing is at least back then, 95% of what played on the radio wasn't wack. mainsteam music was for the most part tolerable, and even enjoyable. Even when Michael was on top at his peak in the 80's, it seemed like almost everyone stepped their game up ... most of the music of the 90's was pure greatness. There is greatness now, but you won't hear much of it on the radio. no, instead yu have to stay on imeem, itunes, and youtube. you stock up your ipod (or in my case, zune lol) and just stay glued to your earphones. for real, alot of the best stuff is unreleased. alot of artist's best work are their mixtapes that they don't include in their albums.

but i mean even if we [DC, Maryland, and Virginia] do decide that we want to hear CRAP on 93.9 and 95.5, we could at least hear some variety i mean seriously. why do the sameeeee ass songs get played over. and. over again. like seriously. as of now if i turn of the radio and sit in the car for 30 minutes, i guarantee you i will hear boyfriend number two or best i ever had. i understand they want to keep it current, but they should try keepin it a little more diverse too.

not even just the radio man. what's up with music videos these days ?!?! if yu look at some videos 15 years ago, the girls would be FULLY CLOTHED and still be "sexy." these video hoes need to take note man. in general music has just been watered down and is a mess now, almost all genres are at their worst right now. and it really. really .sucks.

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